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The Korea Institute of Maritime and Fisheries technology (KIMFT)

The Korea Institute of Maritime and Fisheries technology (KIMFT) is a maritime education and research institute operated by the government of South Korea. It is located in Yeongdang-dong, Nam-gu, Busan, with auxiliary campus on Yeongdo island near Busan Port.

The KIMFT’s teaching staffs have been actively participating in international and domestic conferences and meetings such as the international maritime organization(IMO), the international labour organization, etc. and have been doing their best in conducting various education and training courses required by domestic and international rules and regulations and it also provides cadet courses, watch rating courses, up-grading courses, latest technology course, etc.

Qualifications and Academic degrees of teaching staffs

DoctorEngineering (18), Laws (1), Business Management (3)
Maritime Traffic Information Engineering (3)
Marine Environmental Safety Engineering (1)
Fishery Science (4)
Electronic Communication Engineering (1)
MasterEngineering (8), Science (2), Fishery Science (1)
Mechatronics (1), Maritime Safety (1)
BachelorEngineering (11), Nautical Science (2), Marine Engineering (2),
Administration (1), Business Economics (1), Laws (2)
Public Health (2), Science (1), System Engineering (1)

Other staffs graduated from Public Administration, Fisheries, Clinical Laboratory Science, etc.

Deck OfficerFirst Class: 18, Second Class:6, Third Class:5
Engineering OfficerFirst Class:8, Second Class: 13, Third class:4
Radio officerFirst Class:2

Other staffs holding various licenses such as clinical laboratory scientist, shipboard medical care manager, emergency medical technician, heat controller, fire-fighting technician and etc.When calling at or leaving ports in various countries in the world, or navigating through oceans, I have been facing with various small or big tasks to cope with.
Whenever facing with such tasks, the education and training received at the KIMFT have given me a lot of help.
I hope the Institute continues to give a lot of help for the safety of ship operation as well as improving the quality of seafarers with excellent training facilities and fruitful education and training.

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