About us

Maritime Insight is Korea's leading maritime news media. We deliver the latest trends and news in the maritime industry around the world with an insightful perspective, including IT, energy, shipping, and ship technologies. We started as a professional video production company and have expanded our services to media and publications dedicated to the maritime industry.

Maritime News

Maritime Insight deliver the latest updates and reports on the maritime industry


We connect the dots so that you can see the big picture of the maritime industry needs.

Promotional Video Production

We've dedicated to promotional video production for maritime businesses. Maritime Insight's Video Production Division fulfils our clients' needs.

Publication & Education

Maritime Insight has specialized in publishing technical papers, white papers, and books on maritime industry with many professionals. We also develop learning courses for maritime education and training.

Maritime Insight

As the only news media in Korea devoted to the maritime industry with rich journalistic excellence, we're committed to informing, inspiring, and educating maritime professionals to strengthen and support their Business.

Korea's leading maritime media

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